What we do

Deepcell offers an AI-powered imaging and microfluidics platform that identifies and isolates viable cells based on morphological distinctions for use in translational research, diagnostic testing, and therapeutics.

About us

Redefining biology, one cell at a time.

Spun out of Stanford University in 2017, the company has created unique, microfluidics-based technology that uses continuously learning AI to classify cells based on detailed visual features and sort them without inherent bias.


Our Technology

We see cells differently.

Viewed at high resolution, different cell types often have unique features that can be interpreted with AI, even in cases where scientific understanding of those features is not yet advanced enough for biological use.


Meet our
executive team

Our interdisciplinary executive team is committed to inclusivity, open collaboration, and persistent innovation.

Advisory Board

Euan Ashley, MD PhD 

Scientific Co-Founder

Timothy McDaniel, PhD 

Scientific Advisor

Christina Curtis, PhD 

Scientific Advisor

Catherine Blish, MD PhD 

Scientific Advisor

Peter Van Der Spek, PhD 

Scientific Advisor

Behzad Nasre 



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