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Customer Success: The Bridge from Innovative Technology to Real-World Applications


Collaborating with our partners and customers to pioneer a path to a new “ome” –  morpholomics, requires more than a traditional on-site tech visit or troubleshooting call. Instead, our Customer Success team is the very definition of partnership with customers. Unlike many other organizations, our team works directly with them to apply Deepcell’s novel science and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology combination with the goal of realizing richer discoveries for scientists.

With that in mind, Deepcell brought industry veteran Andy Ortega to build and lead our Customer Success organization, which will be comprised of Field Applications Scientists, Field Service Engineers, Technical Support, AI/Data Scientists, and the Applications Lab. Having built the global customer support teams for both Illumina and PacBio from the ground up, Andy, an engineer by training, understands the complexities of enabling customers to optimally leverage their technology.

Here, we feature a few members of the Customer Success team.

Andy, VP of Customer Success

Having spent, up until this point, the span of his career at mid- to -large-size companies, where procedure and process is predefined and offers little room to experiment with new ideas, Andy was excited to join a small but impactful company where the opportunity is currently endless. 

What compelled you to join Deepcell?

“When I met Deepcell’s co-founders, Maddison and Mahyar, their vision and passion for the company were so compelling. One of our pillars is to treat every customer like the next Nobel laureate, which, to me, demonstrates just how critical a true partnership with our customers truly is.

The fascinating science, the potential for what it may mean, and the ability to affect change keep me motivated.” 


Janifer, Field Application Scientist

Janifer started with the company 1.5 years ago as a Research Associate on the Applications team. Her success in that role established her as a strong fit to transition to an external-facing position, allowing her to be an invaluable resource to our partners.

Can you explain “collaboration” at Deepcell?

“We’re a small team, and everyone is an expert in their area, so collaboration isn’t just nice to have, we have to be open and lean on each other in this unique environment. Because we’re so small, everyone is the lynch pin. We are fortunate to work in an environment that facilitates quick change and everyone is at-the-ready to make things happen.”


Matthew, Field Service Engineer

Matthew also boasts intimate experience with Deepcell’s technology and has seen his career blossom at the company. A Research Associate in the Biology group, immediately upon completing grad school with a specialty in microfluidics, he spent time on system integration working on testing hardware for the internal teams prior to joining Customer Success. 

How do you feel about transitioning from an internal role to a customer-facing role?

“I’ve worked with the instrument extensively and it was a great opportunity to put the technology into the partner’s hands. Having seen first-hand what the instrument can do, and now starting to see what others can do with it is amazing. It’s incredible being able to bring a technology to market that no one has ever used before.”


Bee, Sr. Field Service Engineer

Bee joined the company in June, having spent the last 14 years in the same role at Illumina where he was entrenched in next-generation sequencing. As the liaison between the in-house teams and the customer, he has the opportunity to be the voice of both sides to influence the further development of the instrument.

What do you find most appealing about being a Field Service Engineer?

“Having previously been working with NGS instruments, it’s exciting to see this new technology in the hands of scientists. Focusing on morpholomics and AI, people are interested in seeing what this technology can do and how that will change their work.

And, as one of the first Field Service Engineers for the company, it’s a great experience to be able to see and work with the different designs of the instrument and have influence in its evolution.”

At Deepcell, we are continuing to build out this critical team to help support our customers and partners. To learn more about our open roles, please visit Follow us for more roles to come, such as a Systems Support Engineer, Internal Applications Scientist and Data Scientist/AI Specialist.

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