Our culture

We have cultivated an outstanding culture through leadership that is sincere, compassionate, and hands-on.



We are all about enabling novel discoveries through technology that allows scientists to ask questions that were never possible before.


Cautious Optimism

We know that science doesn’t progress in a clean, linear fashion. We are committed to pushing forward boldly, but we are humble enough to know it won’t be easy.



There’s no I in Deepcell! Our achievements are truly powered by collaboration.

Leadership 2


The Deepcell team is committed to leading by example through our passion and great science.

From our team

“I’ve never felt afraid to ask a question, or intimidated by a task, and have only been encouraged and helped along the way by both my team and the rest of the company.”

Derek Jin
Software Engineer

From our team

“Seeing and capturing special cells right in front of our eyes automatically opens huge opportunities for medical diagnostics and treatments. Let’s apply the frontier AI technology to the benefit of humankind directly!”

Hou-Pu Chou, PhD
Executive VP of Hardware Engineering

From our team

“There is a very open, collegial atmosphere and it’s great working with sharp, driven, patient people.”

Andreja Jovic
Senior Scientist

From our team

“We’re doing uniquely challenging, high impact work, building a platform to improve health. Plus we’re doing it with a team that works delightfully together! It’s rewarding and exciting.”

Bryan Chan
Principal Software Engineer

From our team

“The work atmosphere at Deepcell fosters cross-pollination among teams and ignites passion for continual learning.”

Esther Lee, PhD
Senior Scientist

From our team

“Being surrounded by a group of diverse, smart and creative people who are fun to work with and excited about the technology we’re building.”

Christina Chang, PhD
Staff Scientist

From our team

“The fun people and exciting science make working here so rewarding!!”

Jeanette Mei
Senior Research Associate

From our team

“I look forward to working every morning because of our cutting edge technology and the talented, passionate interdisciplinary team.”

Nianzhen Li
VP of Biology