Experience the REM-I Platform


Introducing the REM-I Platform

Methodologies to assess and characterize cell morphology, which can be highly indicative of phenotype and function, have been limited to either imaging or sorting with labels, until now.

The REM-I Platform takes the best of these worlds to provide imaging of single cells and label-free sorting in one platform leveraging AI.

True imaging

High-resolution imaging of single cells

The REM-I instrument takes high-speed, high-resolution brightfield images of single cells to capture information about morphology.

Gentle sorting

6-way, label-free sorting

A label-free workflow and gentle microfluidics means the cells you sort are minimally perturbed and viable for downstream analysis.

High-dimensional output

Powered by Deepcell’s Human Foundation Model

The Human Foundation Model assesses many dimensions of cell morphology for a high-dimensional characterization of each cell.

Powerful data suite

Real-time analysis of single cell morphology

Store, visualize, and analyze single cell image and high-dimensional cell morphology data with the Axon data suite.

A single, streamlined workflow
STEP 01/04
Prepare cells into single cell suspension
STEP 02/04
Image single cells in flow
STEP 03/04
Characterize cells in real-time with the HFM
STEP 04/04
Analyze data and optionally collect cell populations of interest for further analysis


Explore drivers of disease state, drug effects, developmental processes, perturbations, and more using high-dimensional morphology as its own modality.

Cancer research

Detect disease and identify morphological heterogeneity within and between cancer samples


Developmental biology

Classify cells by type and activation state with morphology as a marker


Cell & gene therapy

Predict the effect of genetic perturbations on phenotype with morphology


Drug & functional screening

Screen for cell health and morphological impacts of drug treatments