Unveiling the unseen, reimagining biology


Generative AI is the next step for cell biology research

Deepcell has pioneered morpholomics by combining advanced microfluidics, label-free single cell imaging, cutting edge AI, and powerful data analytics for deep characterization of cells.

And we are now unveiling the unseen and reimagining biology through the lens of GenAI. With GenAI we will be able to not only imagine, but vividly conceptualize cells under conditions that may be painstakingly difficult to employ or, in some instances, seemingly impossible to produce using wet lab methods.

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Deepcell has trained a first of its kind generative morphology model that will allow researchers to explore, in silico, morphological responses of a single cell to biological or environmental changes.


  • Interpret Deepcell’s Human Foundation Model (HFM)
  • Integrate morphology with other omics for multimodal capabilities
  • Generate and refine hypotheses
Interpret HFM
  • Our groundbreaking GenAI model will have the capacity to explore and interpret each dimension of our HFM latent space, which currently has more than 100 dimensions.
Integrate with other omics for multimodal capabilities
  • A multimodal GenAI model will be capable of suggesting nuanced many-to-many mappings between different modalities, such as genomics and spatial transcriptomics.
Generate and refine hypotheses
  • Multimodal integration opens up the world of hypothesis generation—hypotheses that are not just exploratory but hold tangible value in the realm of scientific inquiry.
Answer diverse questions through Deepcell’s GenAI
Cell State Transitions: Explore the transition from melanocytic to mesenchymal state using synthetic cell images by perturbing the dimensions associated with the states
Drug Discovery: What would my cells look like 10 days after drug treatment? What is the functional response of a cell to treatment?
Multiomics: Sort live cells with gene expression profiles
Bio Production: At what day in culture will my cells reach maximum protein production?
Drug Toxicity: Are the cells in my sample going to die at this drug dosage?

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