See biology through a novel lens

The Deepcell technology

Advanced microfluidics

Ultimate precision for high-speed imaging, gentle enough to sort viable cells

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High-resolution imaging

Label-free brightfield images of single cells captured in flow

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Deep learning foundation models

Deep learning and computer vision to efficiently extract cell morphology features with high accuracy and interpretability

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data suite

Store, visualize, and analyze single cell image and high-dimensional cell morphology data

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The Deepcell technology
Advanced microfluidics
  • Gentle sorting
    Sort selected cell groups of interest into 6 different wells
  • Speed control
    Define flow rates for individual run optimization
  • Laminar flow
    Cells remain in a single laminar flow plane to minimize physical stress and optimize image focus
  • Biocompatible
    Chip materials maintain a cell-friendly environment keeping cells viable
The Deepcell technology
High-resolution imaging
  • Fast
    Image single cells at up to 1,000 events per second
  • High-quality
    Take high-quality brightfield images of single cells
  • High-resolution
    Capture 0.16 µm/pixel to analyze detailed morphology
  • Store & visualize images
    Access cell images for presentations and publications
The Deepcell technology
Deep learning models
  • Leading-edge AI
    Self-supervised foundation model for broad applicability to human samples without markers
  • Real-time analysis
    Characterizes cell images from the REM-I instrument in real-time
  • High-dimensional
    Assesses deep learning embeddings as well as computer vision derived morphometrics to capture morphology
  • Easy to use
    Ready to use on day 1 without needing to train on your own samples
The Deepcell technology
Powerful data suite
  • Organization
    Store, review, and organize runs from the REM-I instrument
  • Interpretability
    Visualize embeddings as morphology UMAPs and compare morphologically similar cell groups
  • Customization
    Easily train custom classifiers
  • Sorting criteria
    Define cell populations for sorting in up to 6 wells