Our Technology

A novel way to identify and isolate cells.

Our platform identifies and isolates viable cells based on morphological distinctions for use in translational research, diagnostic testing, and therapeutics. 

Our Platform

Because our AI-powered technology can isolate and capture virtually any cell population based on morphological features, it can be used for a wide variety of research and translational applications.

  • Tissue Profiling

    Deepcell technology allows researchers to characterize tissue composition at the cellular level by sorting cells based on morphology and supporting downstream analysis.

  • Cell Enrichment

    Deepcell technology allows enrichment of specific cell populations for further post processes.

  • Rare Cell Capture

    Using Deepcell technology, cells in concentrations as low as one in a billion can be identified and isolated.

  • Interested?

    We’d love to explore how Deepcell’s technology can support your cell biology or precision medicine research.